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Do not change the window size or display mode while connected to a server!
+ disable FRAPS if you have it.

How to start the cheat:

  1. Load the game to the menu before starting the cheat.
  2. Alt+tab and start the cheat client, press the OK button and quickly switch to the game.

Default Hotkeys:

  • [insert] - show MENU, press escape then press insert
  • [F12] - to disable cheat and re-enable it
  • [alt] - hold to activate the Triggerbot
  • [mouse4] - hold to activate the Triggerbot
  • [mouse5] - click to toggle the Triggerbot on/off
  • [numpad_5] - Zoom toggle
  • [C] - Zoom is active while you keep holding this key
  • [numpad_del] - save all
  • [numpad_1] - save config.cfg
  • [numpad_2] - save GUI
  • [numpad_3] - save colors
  • [numpad_4] - switch Wallhack presets, All,Visible Only, OFF
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