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How to start the Cheat:

  1. Load the game in "Fullscreen mode" till the menu. Alt+tab and start the Cheats client, press the OK button and quickly switch to the game.
  2. Set DirectX12 to Disabled in BF5.


  • [F4] - show MENU
  • [numpad_del] - save all
  • [numpad_1] - save config.cfg
  • [numpad_2] - save GUI
  • [numpad_3] - save colors
  • [numpad_4] - switch between the general config presets
  • [numpad_5] - switch between aiming priority configs (Head or BODY)
  • [numpad_6] - Enable/Disable aimbot

  • Aimbot:

    Aimbot is ENABLED by default.
    You can always disable it by means of the hotkey (Numpad 6) or by changing the settings preset (Numpad 4)/
  • Click the image to open in full size.

  • Field of view - controls how far from crosshair bullets will be guided, in degrees.
  • Hit shots - the number of bullets to reach the target
  • Miss shots - the number of bullets to miss
  • Higher accuracy using the scope - missing a lot when shooting using the scope? Enable this to make the aimbot hit very well using the scope
  • Bigger aimbot reaction angles - check to enlarge the max distance between your enemy and your crosshair, when the aimbot will pick the target and will lead your bullets

    DO NOT enable nospread + norecoi!
    When you turn them on - aimbot stops working.
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