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Important info

  • Start the Cheat after the game
  • Start the game and open the advanced video settings. Make sure to run the game in DirectX 12, not Vulcan. Start the Cheat. Next time, you can start the Cheat and the game in any order.
  • DO NOT USE Godmode and Consumables duplication on RedM and Rage MP


    [insert] - show MENU
    [f12] - to disable hag and re-enable it
    [mouse2] - hold to activate the aimbot
    [X] - HOLD to enable Heavy Mode (Self-heal)

    [numpad_del] - save all settings
    [numpad_1] - save config.cfg
    [numpad_2] - save GUI
    [numpad_3] - save colors

    [numpad_4] - switch wallhack presets, All,Visible Only, OFF
    [numpad_5] - switch Aimbot aiming Priority, HEAD/BODY
    [numpad_6] - TOGGLE to start/stop aiming at the NPSs
    [numpad_7] - TOGGLE Animals aiming
    [numpad_8] - TOGGLE aiming at Friends or Enemies
    [numpad_0] - TOGGLE Heavy mode On/Off
    Teleport to Waypoint

    The usage of this feature is a bit tricky in RDR2.
  • You have to set a mark using Z
  • After that, you should double click on the new mark with the left-mouse button to create a route
  • And now you can press the Go to Waypoint button (you can create a hotkey for it, console command it goto wp).

    Click the image to open in full size.
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